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Jeremy Miner is very successful in his business. He contacted me through email campagne. After researching him, I felt his promises to personally mentor and provide duplicate marketing business were just what I needed to make this work.

I wrote down my questions and asked what my startup costs would be after the initial large sum investment. His answer (I quote) was that his assistants would help me with all of my questions. SO, I remitted to Jeremy the sum of $25,911 (essentially emptying my retirement fund) His income from this was over $15000.

WELL, after he got my money, I found out that I must pay $350 more for his assistants help. Then additional fees for website docking, backoffice marketing etc, etc,… I then put out another $1000 for leads from Jeremy’s lead funnel. Supposedly these are the same qualified leads he uses. THEY ARE NOT! Not even close. The ones that actually responded to my attempts at contact were not even interested.

I am unemployed and now penniless. After speaking to my attorney, showing my documentation and getting advice, I confronted Jeremy about this. He denies any wrong-doing. I have only asked that he refund the $350 for assistants help (not much help) and $1000 for the bad leads. He refuses. My attorney suggested I file some complaints on-line to see if this gets some action, before I have to spend any more money for legal help.

I have very strong work ethics and put a lot of effort into making this a success. I am not computer savvy to build my own marketing website (which I truly thought my investment was getting me) Good leads are paramount to this success.


My photo has magically disappeared…
AUTHOR: Cheryl – (United States of America)
SUBMITTED: Monday, April 16, 2012

I called Jeremy immediately after leaving my original post with a request to work with him. 3 days later (this morning) he called during one of his LIVE prospecting training sessions thinking I was a hot lead.

After I inquired about how my photo and (inaccurate) testimony got on his web page, he said he’d call me back…which to his credit he did. My photo had been removed by the time he returned the call. Now there is another image with the same testimony that had been there for me except for a change of industry.

My only suggestion is that although good entrepreneurs leverage their time with a team of outsourcers, the minute you completely stop any work IN your business, it will fall prey to these kinds of marketing practices.

As Internet marketers, our Integrity is extremely valuable. And we need to guard it and our reputation closely.

Cheryl Hunt
Barron Marketing Solutions
(For Busy, Smart Small Business Owners)
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#2 Consumer Comment
Benefit of the Doubt…
AUTHOR: Cheryl – (United States of America)
SUBMITTED: Friday, April 13, 2012

I don’t know Jeremy Miner and have never worked with him, but my photo is on his website as a testimonial. I am NOT a member of WMI – nor am I a team member of Jeremy’s.

In fact, this story next to my photo is completely NOT mine.

I did not give Jeremy permission to use my photo at all. We have our own successful marketing company Barron Marketing Solutions where we work with small business owners and develop and implement marketing plans to automate their CRM, eCommerce, and marketing campaigns.

I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt regarding all of the other ” testimonials” on …but I want it documented that I did not authorize the use and promotion of my identity especially as it is totally incorrect.
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#3 General Comment
Dont Listen to the Negative Junk..
AUTHOR: Kristy – (United States of America)
SUBMITTED: Friday, February 03, 2012

I have worked with Jeremy Miner for several years and I know for a fact that he has helped a number of people just like myself get out of financial trouble. Without his help and leadership I would not be where I am today…working from home! He was always there when I needed him..either by phone, text or email. He knows how to run his business and is always willing to help. His main thing he always says it to not focus on you and what you are looking for it is to focus on your associates and what they are looking for.

I dont believe that the above report is true at all. I have been in this industry for a number of years and know that when you put the effort out there you will get results. Anyone can do this type of business, it doesnt matter what type of background or problems you have had in the past or present. You can not blame anyone but your own actions if you dont succeed here. Jeremy is an awesome leader and mentor and I know personally a number of people that would write nothing but high praise about him and what he has done to help them as well in their business!

Hope this helps…
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#4 General Comment
Jeremy Miner – The Truth
AUTHOR: Alom.Mohammed – (United States of America)
SUBMITTED: Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jeremy Miner is one of the best leaders in the home business industry. He is well known to be full of honesty and integrity. I have read some negative reviews online but the bottomline is this… if you listen, apply and follow his lead you will see results. My name is Alom Mohammed and I just want to point out that no I do not work with Jeremy Miner, I have not even met the man. I have however been affiliated with Wealth Masters International in the past.

Wealth Masters International brings a hell of a lot to the table. The 100 challenge is a great way to change your life forever, they ask you to go through it and yet many of these moaners and whiners dont even do the first day and suddenly the run to the internet to write a bad review. I have seen 100’s of people fail and its simply because they have lazy work ethic, they are not willing to put the time and effort into their own business. I have seen and met people who have made 6-figure businesses with the lead of Jeremy Miner.

People who fail will always write bad reviews. No one ever writes good reviews when they are on top. This system is easy, straight forward, but it is a business and it should be treated like a business. Jeremy gives you all the tools and marketing systems you need it is your job to follow up with it. I have got friends who have bought leads from Jeremy Miner, these leads are generated in the Business Opportunity niche and so the niche that Jeremy and Wealth Masters International operate in. If you find that your leads are not interested.. they are simply not interested in you and not what you are offering… If this is the case with you I would seriously suggest you take a course on how to sale on the phone.. from what to say to what tones to use..

Wealth Masters International has certainly helped changed my life. My life has changed for the better and I see the world in a different light. I put in time and effort and got the results and that is the best thing I can say to people. If you failed.. you really have to look at yourself and ask yourself “did I do enough? If you put in $25,000+ surely you should have had a burning desire to make this work instead?