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Jeremy Miner, the CEO of 7th Level Communications teaches students a model of selling that Jeremy created from years of researching human psychology. He says that there are three forms of salespeople should use to communicate and persuade, these forms are different from how people have been taught in the past. The third form works as a ‘golden rules’ when approaching conversations with any person or prospect you are engaging. The key is to be placing the emphasis on their needs and engaging rather than pitching. You’ll find that these forms of communication are far more effective than the old mode of selling.

Jeremy Minor is setting the new standard of communication when it comes to prospects as well as you personal life.

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Jeremy Miner

CEO, 7th Level Communications

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The Old vs The New

How is your business closing with qualified leads?

Close Rates

The Traditional Way 34%
Industry Benchmark 38%
7th Level Communications 60%

Your closing ratio is the number of deals you close compared to the number of presentations you make. Say, for instance, you made 10 presentations last month and closed two sales as a result. You closed 2/10ths, or 20 percent, of your potential sales. Your closing ratio, then, is 20 percent.

What is your close rate?

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July, 2020

Jeremy Miner talks about the history of sales.

Jeremy Miner learned how to guide prospects through this emotional process using NEPQ, or Neuro Emotional Persuasion Questioning. Written in a way that assists the prospects in doing most of the talking (and therefore, most of the convincing), this form of sales is effectively the “New Model.” And it’s working. After years of trial and error, Miner made $2.4 million in one year of commissions from this model, and is now teaching his students how to do the same.

Dropping Bombs Podcast

July, 2020

Jeremy pioneered an internationally recognized sales training methodology that to date has helped more than 200,000 salespeople in 40 countries achieve exceptional results. This remarkable success in sales training has been the natural progression of his extraordinary sales career in the training and educational products industry.

London Daily Post

July 2020

The biggest problem you don't know you have.

So, just how old is this outdated mode of selling that we’ve been taught? St. Elias Elmo Lewis created the AIDA model of selling all the way back in 1898, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This AIDA model is the same model that 99 percent of salespeople use today. I want you to seriously think about this. Does the consumer of our time buy with the same or have the same buying behaviors as the consumer did in 1898?

Business Insider

July 2020

Top 30 Successful Entrepreneurs During Covid.

#6 Jeremy Miner, founder of 7th Level HQ. An expert on neuro-linguistic programming for sales, Miner is helping salespeople learn sales techniques that assist prospective customers into persuading themselves why they need the product or service. Featuring his breakthrough research and years of testing, his course is a hopeful avenue for salespeople and entrepreneurs who want to help consumers but are potentially anxious about selling right now.

Yahoo News

March 2020

Top 21 Entrepreneurs Give Advice on Growing a Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

13. Jeremy Miner CEO of 7th Level Communications. "Right now, focus on problem finding and solving," says Miner. "Rather than pushing your products onto clients, show them that you've identified their problems and have a real solution. It's all about product finding right now."

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“Hi Mike Lee here from the UK…. I wanted to talk about my results after working with my coach and Mentor Jeremy Miner…I met Jeremy in a direct sales company that we worked in…he was always the top converting guy in the business every month and I mean every month. At that time we had 3 top tier products…I was converting on average across the product range at around 20% and my monthly income was around $20k not bad but I knew that I could be better. After working with Jeremy and implementing his training my result increased significantly. I would say the two main things that made the difference was having a structure and system in place to work your clients through and making sure you understood the customers problems before offering your solution… after implementing Jeremy’s training I was able to convert the exact same top tier products at an average of 49% which increased my income to around $50k per month, todate my best month after working with Jeremy was $89k. If you get the opportunity to work with Jeremy I would grab it with both hands.” – Mike Lee

Jeremy Miner

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