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Jeremy MinerJeremy Miner is the founder of 7 Figure Sales Training.  An internationally recognized sales trainer who has taught thousands of people how to go from just getting average results in selling to becoming a high 6 figure and even 7 figure sales earner.

People Talking Bout Jeremy

“Hi Mike Lee here from the UK…. I wanted to talk about my results after working with my coach and Mentor Jeremy Miner…I met Jeremy in a direct sales company that we worked in…he was always the top converting guy in the business every month and I mean every month. At that time we had 3 top tier products…I was converting on average across the product range at around 20% and my monthly income was around $20k not bad but I knew that I could be better…. 



… After working with Jeremy and implementing his training my result increased significantly. I would say the two main things that made the difference was having a structure and system in place to work your clients through and making sure you understood the customers problems before offering your solution… after implementing Jeremy’s training I was able to convert the exact same top tier products at an average of 49% which increased my income to around $50k per month, todate my best month after working with Jeremy was $89k. If you get the opportunity to work with Jeremy I would grab it with both hands.” – Mike Lee

“Jeremy Miner Shows How You Can More Than Triple Your Sales Without Being A Pushy Salesperson”

On his live training webinars, you’ll discover…

1. Why Traditional Selling techniques, very rarely work and actually cause the rejection and objections you keep getting in the Sales Process so you can learn how to FINALLY Eliminate Rejection and objections forever, not by mind games and mental tricks, but by eliminating the Cause of it.

You’ll Finally understand how to eliminate the cause of rejection once and for all.

2. You’ll discover the Absolute Highest Form of Persuasion by knowing how to Ask the RIGHT types of Questions at the Right time of the conversation that will allow your potential clients to persuade themselves.  Once you learn this skill you’ll be able to sell anything and write your own ticket and go anywhere you want in Life!

3. You’ll learn how to call your prospects without ever having to do a “sales pitch”, persuade or even “close” them, and still make the sale with ease.

4. You’ll learn how to easily diffuse every objection you experience and have your potential prospects persuade themselves on how they can overcome their own objections.

5. You’ll Finally discover why you keep LOSING so many of your  sales, and how by asking one question, you can SHIFT that and start having your prospects actually close themselves.

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Jeremy’s Track Record When He Was In Sales saw earnings over $1.2 MILLION per year (All Documented) over the last 4 years, without any hype or teaching outdated crap like most of the “one hit wonder’s” out there in this industry.

Current Subscriber List: over 300,000

Jeremy Miner’s Track Record

Jeremy’s Performance History

  • 2006: No. 1 Top Earner in Liberty League
  • 2007: No. 2 Top earner in Liberty League
  • 2008: No. 1 Top earner in LifePath Unlimited
  • 2009: No. 1 Top Earner in LifePath Unlimited
  • 2010: No. 1 Top Earner in LifePath Unlimited
  • 2011: No. 1 Top Earner in (WMI)
  • 2012: No. 1 Top Earner in (WMI)
  • 2013 No. 1 Income Earner In WMI

Jeremy Miner consistently hit over $205,000 in 2013. Click Here:  Income Proof

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